The aim of this work package is to ensure the wide dissemination of the knowledge generated within this project. It is also important to gather information and on-going feedback regarding the needs of the end users and other stakeholders both in terms of those providing input to the project and the European end-user community. This work package will also ensure that the developments achieved in this project will be available for exploitation by a wide range of stakeholders in industry, the metrology and scientific community and societal institutes and bodies.

A stakeholder committee will be regularly informed about the results of the project. Also, knowledge will be shared by writing various papers for journals and presenting papers at conferences. Updates will also be shared on this website. Moreover, trainings will be organised on:

  • reference dosimetry for MR guided radiotherapy;
  • Monte Carlo radiation transport in the presence of magnetic fields;
  • the simulation platform developed in WP4 for assessing geometrical and dosimetrical uncertainties relevant for MR guided radiotherapy.

Finally, the developed simulation platform for the assessment of geometrical and dosimetrical uncertainties, developed in WP4, will made freely available on the project’s website.