Reference dosimetry for MRgRT devices                                             

Primary standards for kB – Leon de Prez (VSL, Netherlands)

Snap oral  – Experimental)ly derived ion chamber magnetic field correction factors using a variable field on an in-line MR-linac – Jarrad Begg (South Western Sydney LHD, Australia)

kB from conventional linacs  – Stefan Pojtinger (PTB, Germany)

kB using indirect methods – Alanine – Ilias Billas (NPL, United Kingdom)

kB using indirect methods – kbm/reading – Bram van Asselen (UMCU, Netherlands)

Fricke as secondary standard  – Maria Trachsel  (METAS, Switzerland)

Discussion: Towards a CoP for reference dosimetry – Jeroen vd Kamer (NKI-AVL, Netherlands)


Relative Dosimetry for MRgRT Treatment planning systems                                      

Snap oral – The dose response of the PTW 60019 microDiamond in magnetic fields: Characterisation for the Australian MRI-linac  –  Natalia Roberts (UOW, Australia)

Snap oral – The effect of rotation and tilt on the response of the Exradin A28MR ionization chamber in a transverse magnetic field of 0.35T  – Bhargesh Kandarp Shukla (DKFZ, Germany)

Snap oral – Spectral characterization of plastic scintillation detector response as a function of magnetic field strength Eric Simiele (Univ of Wisconsin, USA)

Snap oral – Novel silicon dosimeters that measure dose in the build-up region and penumbra of an MRI-linac Peter Metcalfe  (UOW, Australia)

Water tank measurements and detectors for MRI-Linac – Simon Woodings (UMCU, Netherlands)

Radiation field characteristics in B-fields – Ralf-Peter Kapsch (PTB, Germany)


Monte Carlo simulations in magnetic fields                                       

Monte Carlo in the pressence of magnetic fields – what’s different –  Hugo Bouchard (UdM, Canada)

Experimental benchmarking Monte Carlo based detector response simulations  – David Shipley (NPL, United Kingdom)

Theoretical benchmarks for Monte Carlo based detector response simulations  – Jacco de Pooter (VSL, Netherlands)

MC implementations for clinical purpose   – Iwan Kawrakow (ViewRay, USA)


QA and workflow procedures for MRgRT                                             

MRI QA –  Marielle Philippens (UMCU, Netherlands)

Gel dosimetry – Christel Stien (CEA, France)

Snap oral – Heterogeneous and homogeneous 3D dosimeters for MR-IGRT systems – Hannah Lee (MDA, USA)

Film dosimetry  – Daan Hofmans (VUMC, Netherlands)

Dosimetric effects of air cavities – Jane Shortall (Christie, United Kingdom)

Detectors for patient specific QA – Ian Hanson (RM, United Kingdom)

Antropomorphic phantoms – To be determined (DKFZ, Germany)

Airborn electrons – Sara Hackett (UMCU, Netherlands)